Stay Safe From Phishing Scams
By Smartmix / 21.02.2019 01:02 h

When you use a mixer like SmartMix, you send your coins to a unique, one-time use address. We can't exchange your coins with new ones from our reserve pool if we don't receive them! However, using a mixer without taking the appropriate precautions can be risky. Because you send money when you use a mixer, thieves will often specifically target mixers for phishing scams. By creating a replica of a known mixer, scammers can fool users into sending their money, thinking they are on the site of a trustworthy service. Don't send your funds to the wrong place! At SmartMix, we are aware of one such phishing site at that's not us. Always be sure to visit us at or smartmixnjmuoixj.onion.

We want to help our users protect their online privacy safely, so we've created a guide to help you avoid phishing scams when you mix your cryptocurrency. Follow these steps to stay smart online.

1. First things first- check your computer for viruses! If you've visited a phishing site in the past, your computer may have been compromised. Viruses like CryptoShuffler can steal your cryptocurrency when you use the copy and paste function to enter the receiving address. When your anonymity and protectiong your funds is your priority, securing your computer is the best place to start.

2. Make sure that your router has the latest firmware and doesn’t use simple or standard passwords to administer your router. There are many viruses that are aimed at intercepting and spoofing DNS queries by infecting your router directly. With this type of attack, you can’t recognize data spoofing.

3. Use a trusted VPN service, and if possible, host it on your own servers. Otherwise, traffic substitution is possible, which raises a new variety of threats.

4. Know the URL of the website you're visiting and bookmark it. Don't visit the site through links or a google search.

When you follow these steps, you can mix your coins with confidence, knowing that you've protected yourself from the potential pitfalls of phishing sites and other risks. If you notice another site impersonating, please notify us! Stay safe and happy mixing!