By Smartmix / 28.02.2020 04:02 h

Bitcoin mixers have gotten a bad name in the news the last few days, and many might wonder why someone would need to use a Bitcoin mixing service like SmartMix? The news these days might have you thinking that mixers are only necessary if you're trying to hide illicit activity, but the truth is that everyone who holds bitcoin should use a mixer to protect their financial information and the security of their funds. The world of Bitcoin is changing every day, and crypto investors need to be aware of the risks you take when you don't mix your Bitcoin.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using a Bitcoin mixing service, like

1. Stay Anonymous

Blockchain analysis is getting better every day. While Bitcoin provides you with a pseudonymous network, the level of protection is insufficient if you want true anonymity. To make sure that your BTC holdings are very hard to trace, you need a mixer.


2. Discourage Hackers

Hackers can use your Bitcoin wallet as a tool to gain access to your funds. It may not be a simple process, but many people lose their crypto assets via advanced scams. When you use a Bitcoin mixer, you can send the mixed Bitcoin to a new wallet, which will make hacking your assets a lot harder.


3. Privacy

It makes sense to stay as private as possible online. Using a Bitcoin mixer ensures that your Bitcoin holdings are private. For example, if you get payed in Bitcoin, would you want to person who pays you to know how much you have? Mixing your bitcoin before moving it to cold storage is one way to keep your private financial information secure. Most crypto owners have disclosed substantial amounts of personal information via Know Your Customer (KYC) checks at crypto exchanges, so it's important to keep your BTC holdings as private as possible.


4. Regulations

No one knows where crypto regulations are going to be in a year, let alone a decade. Bitcoin was legal in China, until one day it wasn't. If cryptocurrency is your emergency asset, how would you access it if the regulations suddenly changed?


5. Personal Safety

If you have a substantial amount of any asset, there is always the risk that you (or a loved one) will be the target of real-world violence. There is a reason why banks offer anonymous accounts to wealthy individuals – criminals target anyone they think will make an easy score. It isn't common, but there have been cases of violence against crypto-wealthy individuals to try to access their private keys. Keeping a low profile for yourself means that your holdings should have as little association with your name as possible.


There are many legitimate reasons to use a Bitcoin mixer! Use SmartMix to keep your holdings as anonymous as possible is one step in ensuring that your decentralized digital assets are safe, and so are you.