Do you still need a mixer?
By Smartmix / 26.03.2019 12:03 h

There are plenty of privacy coin options out there for making anonymous payments. It's great that these choices exist, but there are still many situtations where you want to remain anonymous while sending bitcoin, not Monero or Zcash or some other coin. 

What can you do to send bitcoin anonymously when it has no built-in privacy?

That's where SmartMix comes in. Our mixer breaks the link between your old and new Bitcoin addresses. Once your coins have gone through a mix and reached your new address, it's virtually impossible to connect your coins to your identity.

Using a bitcoin mixer like SmartMix is a vital step to protecting your online identity and financial privacy. Tax agencies, governments, and law-enforcement officials rely on blockchain analysis to track down bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users. Regulations and taxes on cryptocurrency are already here, so if your privacy is important, make SmartMix a part of every Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transaction to keep your digital wealth secure. Stay safe and happy mixing!